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2012-2013 USAG Junior Olympic Meet Scores

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Isabella's Meet Scores Junior Olympic Gymnastics USAG 

Date - Meet -Team - Session Level Division - Vault -  Bars - Beam - Floor  - AA

2013-01-18 2013 Battle Of Champions - Toledo OH -----------------------------------Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics 1C 5 Jr A  Vault 8.875 (4)   Bars 8.925 (1)   Beam 8.875 (5T)   Floor 9.375 (1)    ALL AROUND 36.050 (1)

2012-11-30 Gymnastics on the Grand - Grand Rapids MI --------------------------Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics 5GA 5 Jr A  Vault 8.050 (12)  Beam 8.650 (6)        Beam 9.350 (1)   Floor  9.000 (5)    ALL AROUND 35.050 (6)

August 5th, 2012 Full Page Article on Bella in the County Press

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Local gymnast aspires for Olympic medal By: Jacob Hunsanger - The County Press Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lapeer- The summer Olympics games are well underway in London, England right now and the entire world is watching the greatest athletes compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. Among the athletes from the United States, Michigan has several representatives in the London games including record breaking Micheal Phelps, who trained at the University of Michigan, and the world champion gymnast from DeWitt, Jordyn Wieber.

Isabella Giannetti, a seven year old Lapeer girl, has been glued to the television screen watching Wieber and the rest of the team USA gymnastics team since the games began. And that is no surprize because Bella herself hopes to someday be an Olympic gymnast and she is already on her way.

Bella a straight A second grade student at Bishop Kelley Catholic school, just started gymnastics in December, joining Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics in Oxford, under the watchful eye of Coach James Fleener and director Candi Buchan, both Lapeer County residents.

Bella's mother, Dana, said the only gymnastics her daughter has done before was jumping and flipping on the trampoline at home. Bella had her heart set on trying gymnastics, however, so she joined the training facility at the end of the year. Immediately Bella showed a natural talent for the sport and quickly picked up a number of talents.

"They moved her up everyday to another level," said Dana. Just a few weeks later, Bella took seventh place all-around at a gymnastics competition in Ohio. Following that, she competed in the Athlete Warrior junior championships and took first place in the all-around competition.

At that time, Bella was a level 3 gymnast, on a scale that goes from 1-10. She has since moved up to level 5 gymnast (Junior Olympics) and hopes to continue rapidly progressing.

"She has no fear whatsoever," said Bella's mother. Like all sucessful athletes, the young newcomer has laser-like focus and determination. She trains at least 16 hours a week at the gym, and then goes home to train some more. "It's a constant thing for her," her mother admitted. "She's very focused for being seven years old."

That focus has already found a target- winning an Olympic gold medal someday. "She's a huge Jordyn Wieber fan," said Dana of her daughter. She watches the Olympics constantly. She said she wanted to know what was expected of her for the Olympics."

While Bella has her sights set long-term on being an Olympic gold medalist, right now she is more focused on upcoming competitions. The gymnastics competition season runs from December through May, and Bella is working everyday to improve her skills in order to win more state competitions this year. Her favorite part of gymnastics is the bars, said Bella. "I like that I can do cool tricks." She admitted that the vault was the hardest part for her to do yet.

Adding to her own natural skill and hard work, the local gymnast is recieving a lot of help at Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics from the coaches, staff, and fellow gymnasts. Dana said she has been very pleased with Bella's coach, James Fleener. "He is really good at building up the kids' confidence," she said.

Cheering her on at home and at her practices every week are her parents, Dana and Silvio, along with proud grandparents Diane and Duane Thompson. "They are here everyday to cheer her on," said Dana of Bella's grandparents.

Candi Buchan, a former gymnast and coach herself, said the girls at Great Lakes really enjoy the team work aspect of the sport. "They are sisters. The bonding that they have with each other and their coaches, it's like family'" Buchan said.

Buchan knows that with the Olympic games going on right now, a lot of young gymnasts will be watching and dreaming of doing the same thing. To give area children a chance to check out gymnastics for themselves, the gym is holding a grand opening day next week under thier new name, GREAT LAKES KIDS ENERGY ZONE. The gym will be open from 1-6pm on Sunday, Aug. 12 for guests to participate in and learn about gymnastics, as well as other sports like dance, and cheerleading. Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone is located .....or can be found at .....

"It takes a lot of hard work and dicipline," Buchan said of gymnastics. Still, she added, "Somebody like Bella- she definitely has potential."

When asked why she trains so hard and so often, Bella simply replied, "So that I can get the gold."

USAG Level 3 - All American Invitational

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ISABELLA GOT 2ND PLACE ALL AROUND and placed in all 4 events!!!

03-09-2012   All American Invitational 2012

Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics 

Vault    9.250 (1st place)

Bars    8.900 (4th place)

Beam  8.975 (3rd place)

Floor    9.200 (2nd place)                       ALL AROUND:  36.325 (2nd place)

USAG Level 3 - Athlete Warrior Challenge

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Athlete Warrior Challenge - Womens

Host: Olympia Gymnastics Date: 2/3/2010 

Session: 4R    Level 3

7 & under Age Group:

4503 Giannetti, Isabella      Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics

Vault    9.050 4th place

Bars    9.100 3rd place

Beam  9.200 1st place

Floor    9.250 2nd place                        ALL AROUND:  36.600 1st PLACE!

USAG Level 3 - Battle of the Champions Meet

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Isabella's First Gymnastics Meet Ever


OHIO - Battle Of Champions - Great Lakes Elite Gymnastics

Vault 9.150 (3rd place)

Bars 8.250 (8th place)

Beam8.650 (10th place)

Floor 9.100 (4th place)

ALL AROUND SCORE: 35.150 (7th place)